The video was uploaded on July 25, 2023, by user @itsvictoriavox, and has over 12 million views.

- The video features Victoria Vox, a beatboxer, performing a beatbox routine to the song "It Works" by Yolanda Adams.

- The video is well-edited and features impressive beatboxing skills. Victoria Vox is able to create a variety of sounds with her mouth, including drums, bass, and even vocals.

- The video has been met with positive reviews from viewers, who have praised Victoria Vox's skills and the creativity of the video.

- The video is a great example of how beatboxing can be used to create a variety of sounds and rhythms.

- Victoria Vox is an incredibly talented beatboxer, and she is able to create some really impressive sounds with her mouth.

- The video is well-edited and features some great visuals.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the video:


Impressive beatboxing skills
Creative video editing
Great visuals


Some viewers may find the video too loud
The video may not be to everyone's taste

Overall, I think "It works #beatbox #tiktok" is a great video that is sure to impress viewers with Victoria Vox's skills. If you are a fan of beatboxing or just looking for a creative and entertaining video, then I highly recommend checking out this video.

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