On August 23, 2023, Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny released their new single, "UN X100TO." The song is a collaboration between the Mexican norteño band and the Puerto Rican trap star, and it is a celebration of their respective cultures.

The song is set to a catchy melody and features the vocals of Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny. The lyrics are in Spanish and English, and they tell the story of two people from different cultures who fall in love. The song is a feel-good anthem that is sure to become a hit with fans of both artists.

The music video for the song is just as fun and upbeat as the song itself. It features Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny performing the song in a variety of locations, including a Mexican cantina and a Puerto Rican beach. The video is a perfect visual representation of the song's message of cultural fusion.

The song has been met with positive reactions from fans, who have praised the song's catchy melody and the artists' chemistry. The song has also been a commercial success, reaching number one on the YouTube trending charts in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Here are some additional thoughts about the song:

The song is catchy and fun.
The lyrics are meaningful and relatable.
The music video is visually stunning.

If you're a fan of norteño music, trap music, or music that celebrates cultural fusion, then you definitely need to check out "UN X100TO." It's a song that will make you want to dance and celebrate.

The song is also a good indication of what to expect from Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny's upcoming music. The artists are sure to continue to release innovative and boundary-pushing music that will resonate with their fans. I am excited to see what they come up with next.

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