Bizarrap, one of the most popular music producers in Argentina, has recently changed his name to BIZAPOP. The name change was announced on his social media accounts, and it has been met with mixed reactions from fans.

Some fans have expressed support for the name change, saying that it is a reflection of Bizarrap's evolving sound. Bizarrap has been experimenting with different genres of music in recent years, and his name change signals that he is now ready to embrace a more pop-oriented sound.

Other fans have expressed criticism of the name change, saying that it is too generic and that it does not reflect Bizarrap's unique style. Bizarrap has become known for his signature sound, which is a fusion of trap, hip hop, and reggaeton. Fans argue that the name BIZAPOP does not accurately represent this sound.

Despite the mixed reactions, Bizarrap has said that he is happy with the name change. He has said that the name BIZAPOP is more inclusive and that it reflects his desire to reach a wider audience.

The Impact of the Name Change

The name change to BIZAPOP is likely to have a positive impact on Bizarrap's career. The name is more generic and easier to remember, which will help Bizarrap to reach a wider audience. The name is also more inclusive, as it does not tie Bizarrap down to any one genre of music.

However, the name change could also have a negative impact on Bizarrap's career. Some fans may be alienated by the name change, and it could be difficult for Bizarrap to maintain his unique identity in the music industry.


The name change to BIZAPOP is a risky move for Bizarrap, but it has the potential to pay off. If Bizarrap can successfully transition to a more pop-oriented sound, he could become one of the biggest music stars in the world. However, if Bizarrap is unable to maintain his unique identity, he could lose some of his fans. Only time will tell whether the name change was a wise decision.

Here are some of the reactions to the name change:

"I love the new name! BIZAPOP is more inclusive and it reflects Bizarrap's evolving sound."
"I'm not sure about the new name. It's too generic and it doesn't reflect Bizarrap's unique style."
"I'm open to the change. I'm excited to see what BIZAPOP does next."
"I'm not sure about the name change, but I'm still a fan of Bizarrap. I'm sure he'll continue to make great music."

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