Olivia Rodrigo's music video for her song "get him back!" has been trending on YouTube since its release on September 17, 2023. The video has been praised for its creativity, its humor, and its empowering message.

The video begins with Rodrigo singing about how she wants to get her ex-boyfriend back. She then proceeds to trash his house, destroy his car, and even cause a traffic jam. All the while, she is singing about how she is going to make him feel bad for leaving her.

The video is also notable for its cast of clones, who help Rodrigo carry out her revenge. The clones are all dressed in different versions of Rodrigo's outfit, and they all sing and dance along with her.

The video ends with Rodrigo and her clones standing on top of a car, victorious. Rodrigo sings about how she is now over her ex-boyfriend, and that she is better off without him.

The video has been met with positive reactions from fans and critics alike. Many fans have praised the video for its creativity, its humor, and its empowering message. Critics have also praised the video for its high production values and its catchy song.

Here are some of the reactions to the video:

"This video is amazing! Olivia Rodrigo is so creative and talented."
"I love the message of this video. It's so empowering!"
"The clones are my favorite part of the video. They're so funny and cool."
"This song is so catchy! I can't stop listening to it."
"Olivia Rodrigo is the best artist of her generation."

Overall, the music video for Olivia Rodrigo's song "get him back!" is a creative, funny, and empowering video that is sure to appeal to fans of all ages. The video is a must-watch for anyone who loves pop music, music videos, or Olivia Rodrigo herself.

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