Jeon Somi, the South Korean singer and actress, has released a new music video for her song "Gold Gold Gold". The song is a catchy dance track with a retro vibe. The music video features Somi in a variety of stylish outfits, and she can be seen dancing and having fun.

The music video has been trending on YouTube since its release, and it has already been viewed over 10 million times. Fans have been loving the song and the music video, and they are calling it Somi's best work yet.

"Gold Gold Gold" is the lead single from Somi's upcoming third EP, which is scheduled to be released on September 16, 2023. The EP will also feature the songs "XOXO" and "Fxxk It Up".

Here are some of the key reactions to the music video:

"This is Somi's best work yet! The song is catchy and the music video is stylish."
"I love the retro vibe of the song. It's so fun and catchy."
"Somi looks amazing in the music video. She's so talented and I can't wait for her new EP."
"This is the perfect song to get you moving. I can't stop dancing!"
"Somi is a star! She's going to be huge."

The music video for "Gold Gold Gold" is a fun and stylish visual that perfectly complements the song. Somi is a star in the making, and this song is sure to make her even more popular.

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