CRAVITY, the nine-member K-pop boy group, has made a comeback with their new single, "Ready or Not." The music video for the song was released on September 23, 2023, and it has quickly become a hit with fans.

The video begins with CRAVITY's members appearing in different locations, including a city street, a forest, and a desert. They are all dressed in stylish outfits, and they look very cool. The video then cuts to a variety of other settings, including a nightclub, a dance studio, and a stage.

CRAVITY perform the song with a lot of energy and charisma. They also execute some impressive dance moves. The video's visuals are also stunning, with a lot of color and special effects.

The "Ready or Not" music video has been praised by fans and critics alike for its catchy melody, energetic performance, and stunning visuals. The video is sure to please fans of CRAVITY and K-pop in general.

Here are some of the reactions to the "Ready or Not" music video:

"The 'Ready or Not' music video is amazing! CRAVITY looks amazing and their dancing is on point."
"I love the energy of the video. The song is so catchy and the dance moves are really cool."
"The visuals in the video are stunning. I love the color and the special effects."
"This video is a must-watch for any fan of K-pop."

Overall, the "Ready or Not" music video is a high-energy comeback for CRAVITY. The video is a must-watch for any fan of K-pop.

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