BTS's SUGA and V Collaborate on New Episode of "Suchwita"

A new episode of BTS member SUGA's YouTube show "Suchwita" was released, featuring V as his guest. The episode, titled "EP.18 SUGA with V," has quickly become a trending video on YouTube, with over 10 million views in just a few days.

In the episode, SUGA and V engage in a variety of activities, including cooking, playing games, and answering questions from fans. The two idols also have a candid conversation about their friendship and their experiences as members of BTS.

One of the highlights of the episode is when SUGA and V cook together. SUGA, who is known for his love of food, teaches V how to make his favorite dish, kimchi stew. V is a quick learner, and the two idols seem to have a lot of fun cooking together.

SUGA and V also play a variety of games in the episode, including ping pong, air hockey, and video games. The two idols are very competitive, and they seem to enjoy each other's company immensely.

Towards the end of the episode, SUGA and V answer questions from fans. One fan asks them what they like most about each other. SUGA says that he appreciates V's positive attitude and his ability to make him laugh. V says that he admires SUGA's work ethic and his dedication to music.

The episode ends with SUGA and V thanking fans for watching and promising to return with another episode soon.

The episode "EP.18 SUGA with V" has been met with positive reactions from fans. Many fans have praised SUGA and V's chemistry and their willingness to share their personal stories. Fans have also said that they enjoyed seeing the two idols interact with each other in a more casual setting.

Overall, the episode "EP.18 SUGA with V" is a fun and entertaining episode of "Suchwita" that is sure to please fans of BTS and SUGA and V alike.

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