The Apex Legends: Ignite Gameplay Trailer was released on October 24, 2023, and has since become a trending topic on YouTube, with over 10 million views in just a few days.

The trailer showcases the new features and content that will be coming to Apex Legends in the upcoming Ignite update. This includes a new Legend named Conduit, a new map called Storm Point, and a new battle pass.

Conduit is a support Legend who can use her abilities to create shields and heal her teammates. She is a valuable asset to any team, and her abilities can help players turn the tide of battle.

Storm Point is a new map that is larger and more complex than any previous Apex Legends map. It features a variety of different environments, including a lush jungle, a towering mountain, and a treacherous desert.

The Ignite battle pass includes a variety of new cosmetic items, including skins for Legends, weapons, and vehicles. It also includes new emotes, banners, and weapon charms.

The Apex Legends: Ignite Gameplay Trailer has been praised by fans for its high-quality production values, its exciting gameplay, and its new features. Many fans have commented on the new Legend, Conduit, and the new map, Storm Point, as well as the overall quality of the trailer.

Here are some comments from fans on YouTube:

"This trailer is amazing! I can't wait for the Ignite update!"
"Conduit looks like a great new Legend. Her abilities are really cool and unique."
"Storm Point looks like an amazing new map. It's so big and complex, and it's going to be a lot of fun to explore."
"I love the new cosmetics in the Ignite battle pass. The skins are all really cool, and I can't wait to unlock them all."

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