The latest Brawl Stars Brawl Talk is here, and it's packed with exciting new content! Here's a rundown of everything that was announced:

New Brawler: Charlie
Charlie is a new Spider Brawler who will be joining the game in the next update. She's a fast and agile fighter who can use her web to swing around the map and attack enemies from unexpected angles. Her Super ability creates a web trap that slows and damages enemies who walk into it.

Mega Pig Club Event
The Mega Pig Club Event is a new event that will be coming to the game soon. In this event, clubs will work together to fill a giant Mega Pig with loot. The more wins your club gets, the more loot you'll earn. Once the Mega Pig is full, all club members will be able to open it and claim their rewards.

New Skins
The Brawl Talk also revealed a number of new skins that will be coming to the game in the next update. These skins include:

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