The trending video "Candy Thieves vs Rigged Candy Bowl" is a humorous and informative video about how to protect your candy from thieves. The video features YouTuber Mark Rober setting up a rigged candy bowl that is designed to scare away thieves.

The candy bowl is equipped with a number of features, including a motion sensor, a speaker, and a vibrating motor. When a thief reaches into the candy bowl, the motion sensor triggers the speaker to play a loud and scary noise. The vibrating motor also causes the candy bowl to shake violently.

The video shows a number of different people reacting to the rigged candy bowl. Some people are startled and run away, while others try to continue stealing the candy but are eventually scared away by the noise and vibration.

What can we learn from the video?

The video teaches us a number of important lessons about how to protect our candy from thieves, including:

Make your candy bowl difficult to access: The candy bowl in the video is difficult to access because it is placed on a high shelf. This makes it more difficult for thieves to reach the candy.
Use noise and vibration to scare away thieves: The video shows that noise and vibration can be effective at scaring away thieves. You can use a variety of devices to create noise and vibration, such as a motion-activated alarm or a vibrating doorbell.
Be creative: The candy bowl in the video is unique and unexpected. This makes it more likely to scare away thieves. You can be creative with your own candy bowl by adding unexpected features, such as a hidden compartment or a moving candy dispenser.

Why is this video trending?

The video is trending for a number of reasons. First, it is a well-made and engaging video. The videography and editing are both top-notch. Second, the video is about a topic that is of interest to many people: candy. People love candy, and they are always interested in learning new ways to protect it.

Third, the video is funny. The reactions of the people in the video are hilarious, and the video is sure to make viewers laugh.


The trending video "Candy Thieves vs Rigged Candy Bowl" is a well-made, informative, and funny video about how to protect your candy from thieves. The video is a great reminder to be creative and to use noise and vibration to scare away thieves.

Additional thoughts

The video is also a reminder of the importance of protecting our belongings. We should all take steps to protect our belongings from theft, whether it is candy, jewelry, or other valuables.

The video is a fun and lighthearted way to learn about theft prevention. It is a great video to watch with family and friends, and it is sure to start a conversation about how to protect our belongings.

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