The video "Did she avenge herself?đŸ˜±" is a short clip from the Korean drama "Revenge of Others". It has been viewed over 82 million times on YouTube and has been liked over 4.5 million times. The video shows the character Soo-Heon carrying out the revenge of her friend Seon-Ha.

The video is very popular because it is suspenseful and satisfying. Viewers are kept guessing whether or not Soo-Heon will be able to successfully avenge her friend. The video also has a great ending that leaves viewers feeling happy and relieved.

In addition to being suspenseful and satisfying, the video is also well-made. The acting is good, the editing is tight, and the music is suspenseful. The video is also visually appealing, with a dark and gritty aesthetic that fits the tone of the drama.

Overall, the video "Did she avenge herself?đŸ˜±" is a well-made and entertaining short clip that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It is no wonder that the video has been so popular on YouTube.

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